Dr. Xin Li (Sam)

Visiting Scholar

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

University of California, San Diego


Office: EBU3B #2108

Address: 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0404


Email: lixinsdu AT

I'm an associate professor in the School of Computer Science and Technology at Shandong University, China since 2011. Currently, as a visiting scholar, I work with Prof. Tajana Šimunić Rosing at System Energy Efficiency (SEE) lab.  My research interests include Energy Efficient Scheduling, Embedded System, and Thermal Management.




  Selected Skills



  • Android Mobile Phone Power Management and Optimization, 2012.1-4.
  • Hotspot-based Thermal Management and Task Scheduling Simulator for Multiprocessor SoCs, 2011,6-12.
  • LabView-based Power Supply Test System: NI-PXI voltage monitoring  and  IO control, 2011.1-3.
  • R&D of Main-Memory Query Middleware for Offline Auditing System.
    Key project (No. K5YC6100011) from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese National Audit Office. Project Leader,2005.11 - 2007.02.
  • R&D of Agilor Real-Time Database, 2004.09 – 2006.11.
    This work is supported by the National High-Tech R&D Plan of China (2004AA412040, 2004AA009988). Agilor system is a distributed real-time platform for accessing and monitoring data from manufacturing, energy, and other process industries.
  • Key Issues of Distributed Database for Japan NTT Data Corporation,2005.03 - 2006.03 
    This work gives some solutions to the key issues in distributed database, including data clustering, concurrent control, reliability and recovery.


Research Funding



  • An optimized instruction set for AES encoding based on FPGA,  No. 201110024766.X, 2011.
  • a stream-processor-based  small firewall system, No. 201020300281.X,Jan. 2010.



  • IEEE/ACM Member, China Computer Federation Member



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Teaching Course

  • Computer Organization
  • 80x86 Assembly Language
  • Digital Logic Circuit