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An energy efficient ROUTING and SCHEDULING mechanism for ad-hoc wireless network

We propose a novel scheduling and routing strategy for ad hoc wireless networks to address the challenges of data delivery and limited energy in such networks.

To maximize the power savings we use TDMA based scheduling where time is divided into fixed size slots. Our scheduling algorithm switches off the wireless interface of a large number of nodes for a significant fraction of time thus achieving large energy savings. In this way we also minimize contention and interference (thus increasing throughput), by allowing only a limited amount of nodes to communicate in each time slot. The selection of which nodes are active in each time slot is done in a completely distributed manner, with no need for handshaking or idle listening.

We combine the low power scheduling algorithm with a routing mechanism that relies on a backbone of active nodes that dynamically change over time. The backbone nodes are responsible for delivering the packets to the proper locations in the network. Nodes become part of the backbone depending on their residual energy and their utility: the more energy available at a node, and the greater its utility, the larger its chances are of being part of the backbone.

A big advantage of our solution derives from its placement above the MAC layer. As a result, we provide a cheap, quickly deployable, and flexible solution, which is independent of the specific MAC layer adopted in the network. MAC layer changes tend to be expensive as they usually involve the design of new hardware, firmware and device drivers. Instead, existing legacy devices can be used to minimize the time and cost of deployment.

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