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the SHiMmer project

SHiMmer is a wireless platform that combines active sensing and localized processing with energy harvesting to provide long-lived structural health monitoring. SHiMmer uses piezoelectric transducers (PZTs) to evaluate a portion of a structure to determine if damage exists. Unlike other sensor networks that periodically monitor a structure and route information to a base station, our device acquires data and processes it locally before communicating with an external device, such as a remote controlled helicopter.

The overall objective for the SHiMmer project is to create a working, dependable, robust structural health monitoring platform. Within this larger objective, there are many smaller ones including: (1) fabricate a working platform capable of being powered using solar cells, (2) create a robust and flexible software controller that can manage both the energy and the task execution, (3) combine this controller with complex SHM algorithms to provide meaningful results, (4) test this device in the field, and (5) create a method for communication and collaboration between multiple nodes (a SHiMmer network.)

SHiMmer people

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SHiMmer patents and publications


  1. D. Musiani, K. Lin, T. Simunic Rosing, D. Mascarenas, E. Flynn, C. Farrar, G. Park, "Wireless node for active sensing in SHM applications," Filed 2008.

Journal Papers:

  1. G. Park, T. Simunic Rosing, M. Todd, C. Farrar, and W. Hodgkiss, "Energy Harvesting for Structural Health Monitoring in Sensor Networks," ASCE Journal, 2007.

Conference Papers:

  1. D. Dondi, A. Di Pompeo, C. Tenti, and T. S. Rosing, "SHiMmer: a Wireless Harvesting Embedded System for Active Ultrasonic Structural Health Monitoring," to be presented at SENSORS, 2010 IEEE , 1-4 Nov. 2010.

  2. A. Ravinagarajan, D. Dondi and T. S. Rosing, "DVFS Based Task Scheduling in a Harvesting WSN for Structural Health Monitoring," Design, Automation & Test in Europe, DATE 2010.

  3. E. B. Flynn, S. Kpotufe, D. Dondi, E. Figueiredo, T. Mollov, M. D. Todd, T. S. Rosing, S. Taylor, G. Park, D. Harvey, and C. Farrar, "SHMTools: A new embeddable software for SHM applications," Sensors and Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Systems 2010 , vol.7647, pp. 764717-764728, Mar. 2010.

  4. J. B. Steck, and T. Simunic Rosing, "Adapting Task Utility in Externally Triggered Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensing Systems," 7th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, 2009.

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  7. D. Musiani, K. Lin, and T. Simunic Rosing, "An Active Sensing Platform for Wireless Structural Health Monitoring," 6th International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, pages 390-399, New York, USA, 2007.

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SHiMmer resources


  • SHiMmer poster - Winter 09 pdf
  • SHiMmer poster - Spring 09 pdf
  • SHiMmer poster - Winter 08 pdf


  • cse237d Paper - Spring 2008 pdf

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SHiMmer sponsors

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