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Thermal Management of 3D Stack Architectures

3D Stacked Architectures:

  • Reduces interconnect delay and power consumption
  • Reduces footprint area and increases yield
  • Enables integration of layers with different technologies in the same circuit


  • Stacking layers vertically increases power density
  • High power density exacerbates temperature-related reliability, performance and design challenges
  • Dynamic thermal management becomes more complicated: Heterogeneous cooling efficiencies of different layers
  • Cost and reliability of through-silicon-vias that connect layers are limiting factors


    We first investigate how the existing policies for dynamic thermal management handle the thermal hot spots and temperature gradients in 3D systems. We then propose a low overhead policy for temperature-aware job allocation in 3D architectures. The new policy, Adapt-3D takes the thermal history of the processing cores and the 3D system characteristics into account to balance the temperature and reduce the frequency of hot spots. We evaluate the management policies on various 2- and 4-tier 3D systems, whose design is based on a 3D-extension of Sun's UltraSPARC T1 processor.

    In the figure above, we show the floorplans we assumed in our simulations. The bottom figure compares the percentage of hot spot occurences and performance for various policies. Combining DVFS with our policy, Adapt-3D achieves up to 40% reduction in hot spots in comparison to applying only DVFS for the 4-tier systems. Also, performance overhead of Adapt-3D is significantly less than the overhead of policies that are able to achieve similar thermal behavior.

More Information:

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